The benefits of custom made to order children's clothing

The benefits of custom made to order children's clothing

When I first launched Taffy Tots Clothing I knew I wanted to offer two things. Unique children’s clothing with fun patterns and prints for both boys and girls, and clothing that’s comfortable, practical and gentle on children’s skin which is one of the main reasons I offer children’s clothing that’s made to order.

Recently I received this feedback from a customer who purchased some custom-made clothing for her child from Taffy Tots who is absolutely delighted with the impact the custom choices have made on her child’s lifestyle.

"I absolutely adore all 3 of Harris’ rompers and the matching bibs/buffs.  I bought some coloured and neutral long sleeved vests and interchange the vests to make different outfits.
The best bit is NO POPPERS!  He's so active that he pops the poppers on all his other lovely dungaree sets and as a result he cant wear them. They wash great and are great in both hot and cold conditions because of the material. The matching bibs just finish off the outfits and he looks super authentic all the time."

- Taffy Tots Clothing Customer Feedback.

The main benefit of choosing to order a custom-made item from Taffy Tots Clothing is that you get to decide what matters most when it comes to your child’s clothing.

You can choose to add poppers if you want clothing that’s quick and easy to fasten and unfasten with poppers, perfect for quick changes for babies and toddlers.

You can choose to opt instead for no fastenings so clothing sits more securely on your child’s body without popping open as they run, play and adventure, perfect for toddlers and young children on the go.

Check out the full range of custom made clothing options available here at Taffy Tots Clothing here, and if you have a request for something custom that you can’t spot be sure to email us at and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Karen, Taffy Tots Clothing

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