Taffy Tots Clothing Original Designs: Where I draw inspiration for original prints and illustrations

Taffy Tots Clothing Original Designs: Where I draw inspiration for original prints and illustrations

One of the questions I get asked most frequently when it comes to Taffy Tots Clothing is, “where do you find inspiration for your original prints and illustrations?” and it is one of my favourite questions because I love talking about the meanings behind my original prints and designs.

From my best-selling Scottish and North Sea themed children’s clothing collection to my fantasy dragons, spacemen and stag designs there have been some well received prints I’ve created over the years here at Taffy Tots Clothing and I’m never short of inspiration for new ones.

Here are some of the places I find inspiration in designing new prints for my original illustrations for children and baby clothes: 

Scotland’s natural beauty and the North East
Who wouldn’t feel inspired surrounded by the natural beauty here in Scotland? From our wildlife to the North Sea, our foliage and some of our more unique creatures (see my Spring Wild Haggis design for this one!) Scotland itself offers a wealth of inspiration for my designs.

Children and fellow parents in my family and friend group
If I ever find myself struggling for new design ideas I chat with friends and family who have children themselves. It’s great to bounce ideas around with my loved ones and of course fellow parents who can share what they’d love to see in my future designs.

Customers and their children
I absolutely love hearing from my customers and their children on designs they’d like to see, whether that’s by leaving a comment on my Instagram posts, mentioning me in their stories or sliding into my DMs and into my email inbox with ideas, and I love even more when I can bring a customer’s idea to life for them.

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