Taffy Tots Brand Rep FAQs

Taffy Tots Brand Rep FAQs

Interested in becoming a Taffy Tots Clothing brand rep but have a few more questions?

Check out our FAQs below for all things Taffy Tots Clothing brand reps.


Do I need a huge following to be a Taffy Tots Clothing Brand rep?
Ideally we’re looking for reps with a following of 500+ however it’s not essential. As long as your following is an engaged one, liking, following, commenting, sharing, it doesn’t have to be huge.


Are you looking for children of a certain age?
Taffy Tots Clothing makes clothing for children aged 0-6 years so we’re looking for brand reps whose tots are aged 0-6 years.


I have just discovered Taffy Tots Clothing and I am in LOVE, can I apply?
Yes! You don’t have to have been a previous customer to apply to become one of our reps, if you love our designs and can commit to the brand rep parameters then we’d love to hear from you!


Do I need to be able to take professional photographs?
Not at all, all you need is a camera phone and a love for creating content with your tot. We love seeing all the kinds of content our reps create with their tots, and seeing their personalities shine through. All we ask is that your photos are clear, uncluttered and unedited with no filters.


What kind of content will I be asked to produce?
We don’t like to micromanage our brand reps and we want them to be creative and show off their styles and personalities! All we ask is that you produce 1 piece of social media content per month that can be a reel, grid post, carousel or story, tagging Taffy Tots Clothing and using the hashtag #taffytotsclothing so we may share it far and wide.


How often can I purchase clothing using my code?
As often as you like during your brand rep term, we ask you make a purchase once every season (3 months) to produce fresh content.


How will you contact me about previews?
When a new collection is due to launch, we will send you an exclusive email with previews of the patterns and clothing we will be releasing to give you an opportunity to pre-order. We ask that these are not shared until the launch date which will be clearly marked in your email.


I missed the cut off, can I still apply?
If you missed the deadline but feel passionate about becoming a brand rep, get in touch with your entry by heading to our sign up page and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


Did we answer your question?
If not drop us a line at info@taffytotsclothing.co.uk with your query.

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