Designed at TTC HQ

Designed at TTC HQ

Each print available at Taffy Tots Clothing is carefully selected to provide you with choices of colours and designs that look cute and that your tots will love.

I have a number of amazing artists that I follow in order to pick out exclusive seasonal prints, but did you know that the majority of the prints available to you are designed in house by me?

Designing the prints is part of the job that I love.  I start with my sketch book and ideas running through my head.  I usually spend some time in my favourite chair by my living room window drawing some simple images and playing about with colours.  Once I'm happy with the basic ideas, it's time to grab my iPad and pencil and create the digital images.  These get sent over to my laptop where I create the repeat pattern ready for sending to the fabulous British Fabric Printing company who print the designs onto the cotton jersey fabrics.


From start to finish, this process takes a good bit of time, but for me it's calm time between all the making and it allows me to produce entirely unique clothing for your tots.

The whole of the Caledonia Collection has been designed by me and I've loved developing all the Scottish themed prints that have gone into it.  What kind of collection would you like to see next?

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