Caring for your TTC clothes

Caring for your TTC clothes

Care labels explained


Do you feel bemused by the symbols on your clothing’s care labels?

To be honest, I feel that this image pretty accurately sums up any instructions when it comes to care labels.  Seriously, why do we need so many different symbols or so many different ways of washing clothes?  In actual fact, modern washing machines are really good at washing at a low heat whilst still removing the majority of stains and odours.

As parents, all we want to be able to do is bung a load of dirty clothes in the machine and have them come out looking and smelling clean.  Well, here at Taffy Tots Clothing I am a huge believer in making life as simple as possible.  I have spent the last few years researching fabrics and suppliers so that the clothing that I produce is easy to care for.  Each item of clothing is made from a cotton based fabric (with a touch of elastane thrown in for comfort and fit) that can be machine washed and even tumble dried.

To get the best out of your Taffy Tots clothing, wash at 30 degrees.  This will keep the colours looking bright and the fabric in good condition wash after wash.  Line drying will always give your clothes the best chance of looking fabulous, but if you need to dry in a hurry (or like me, live somewhere that this isn’t always easy) then you can use a tumble dryer… but pop it on to the low heat option.

Let’s face it though, we’re talking about kids clothes… and kids love to find mess wherever they go!  Fear not if your tot has managed to cover themselves in mud or strawberry juice… I have a few hints and tips for helping to remove those stubborn stains. 

  • As soon as you can, give the clothing a cold rinse (whether under the tap in the sink, or using a quick rinse cycle on your washing machine).
  • If it’s a particularly stubborn stain, gently rub a small, diluted amount of your washing powder onto the marked area and then pop it into the wash. There are loads of different brands of stain remover available and I have used many of them, but generally diluted washing powder does the trick.
  • A great way of removing the last of any stubborn stain is to use the power of sunlight! Pop the (wet) clothing on the washing line in the sun for a day or 2 and let the natural sunlight work it’s magic on the stain.

Have you found a great way of removing those amazing stains that kids manage to get on their clothes?  Pop your favourite tips in the comments below!

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